Coconut Oil – An Effective Natural Dandruff Remedy

Dandruff Remedy. Dandruff is a skin condition which involves the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. Everyone loses a little skin from their scalp each day, but some people experience a much larger amount of flaking than normal. Some people with dandruff experience redness and soreness on their scalp, as well as self-esteem problems because they feel that the flaking is unsightly.

There are many treatments for dandruff. Conventional remedies include topical steroids, selenium sulfide, coal tar and antifungal agents. However, natural remedies are becoming increasingly popular. One popular natural remedy is coconut oil. This natural oil is a great conditioner that helps to make your hair soft and healthy looking.

The main reason that so many people use coconut oil to fight dandruff is that it is a natural antifungal. If your dandruff is caused by candida, then using coconut oil can help to get rid of the candida, and make your scalp healthy again. Coconut oil can also help to fight dandruff in people who have sensitive scalps, and whose dry, flaky hair is caused by a reaction to normal shampoos.

Dandruff Remedy: Using Coconut Oil to fight Dandruff

To condition your hair with coconut oil, wash your hair as normal and then towel dry it until it is slightly damp. Massage a couple of teaspoons full of coconut oil onto your hair, wrap your hair up in a towel and leave the oil to soak in for as long as you can. A couple of hours should be sufficient, but if you have the opportunity to leave the oil in overnight then you will see even better results. Wash the oil off with warm water, and towel dry your hair again. For best results, condition your hair in this fashion once per week.

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