Essential and Coconut Oils Box Set: 50 Methods to Use Essential Oils & The Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Immune System (Essential oils for beginners, essential oils guide, coconut oil for hair)

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BOOK #1: Essential Oils: 50 Methods to Use Essential Oils for Good Looks, Wellness and Household Activities

This book is comprised of essential oil recipes the use of which is very beneficial for you in your daily routine. Essential oils as the name suggests can become an essential part of your life if you want to get the maximum benefits out of it. This book is purely comprised of the essential oils, their importance and their use in daily routine which will help you out in getting rid of many problems you have. From their use in getting your skin extra glowing to the use of essential oils in cleaning your usual households, this book is comprised of all the essential oil recipes which would help you out in making these oils as an essential part of your daily routine.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:Need of essential oilsEssential oils can do wondersUse essential oils for good looksUse essential oils for personal wellnessUse essential oils for household activitiesEssential oils can be used for multiple purposes

BOOK #2: Essential Oils: Wake Up Your Senses Using Essential Oils

The world of essential oils can be something of a mystery and although there are still those that are skeptical people are relying more and more on essential oils for the health and well being properties that they can offer. However many questions are still left unanswered including how to choose the right oils and how to use them.

The choice of essential oil will be dependent on what you want to achieve. You may be looking for something that will elevate your mood or something that will treat a burn and whilst there is no specific list offered to explain which oil does what with a little knowledge you will find that before long you will wonder why you have left it so long to get to know essential oils and all that they can do for you.

This book has been designed to provide you with an insight into essential oils and what they can offer and covers the following topics:Essential Oils and ProcessingIntroducing aromatherapyChoosing your oilsPopular oils to awaken your sensesCaring for your oils and caring for you!Pamper yourself, you know you want to!

BOOK #3: Coconut Oil: The Ultimate Guide to Lose Weight, Boost Your Immune System, Beauty, Skin Care and Hair Care

There is nothing better for the human body, than Mother Nature. It is nature that gives to us, the coconut palm. From this, one of natures most wonderful palms, you will be surprised to learn just how many benefits there are, when using the fruit of the coconut palm.

Discover the improvements you can make to the dietary needs of your family, by understanding the compounds of coconut oil.

Learn how coconut oil can be used on the inside, and on the outside of our body:As a mean for loosing weightTo help with diabetes controlTo help with heart conditionsTo kill certain bacteria in the gutTo kill fungal bacteria, such as candidasFor tackling age related issues such as preventing hair loss, dry skin and arthritisTo fuel your energy levelsTo re-build weakened or damaged muscles… and many more

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