Relieve Bug Bite Itchiness Using Virgin Coconut Oil

How to Relieve Bug Bite Itchiness using Virgin Coconut Oil

Bites from bugs cause an allergic reaction on the skin's surface. This is due to the chemical that the bugs release when they bite you. These chemicals can cause you to become incredibly itchy on the locations on the bites.

The good news is that bed bugs do not spread diseases and do not pose a health hazard, it is however advisable that you seek medical attention if your symptoms of bed bug bites become severe. It may seem a difficult task but it is advisable not to scratch the itchy spots, if you scratch your skin you pose a risk of opening up the skin which could cause an unwanted infection.

The first step in alleviating the itch is to wash the affected area in warm soapy water and then to apply an ice pack to soothe the inflammation.

Relieve Bug Bite Itchiness Treatment

There are various medicated creams and ointments on the market that can soothe the itch from bed bugs. However, for an effective treatment you should try out pure virgin coconut oil. You can apply the oil directly to the skin and massage in gently.

Coconut oil holds many benefits such as acting as an anti inflammatory, disinfectant and moisturizer for the skin. When you apply the oil you will achieve instant relief from the itch associated with bug bites. Additionally, the oil can promote a faster healing process.

Another effective treatment using coconut oil will involve mixing lavender oil (six drops), oregano oil (five drops) into virgin coconut oil (two ounces). Put the mixture into a spray bottle and apply the oil every couple of hours.

Using virgin coconut oil is an all natural treatment with lasting relief from the itch of bug bites. You can use the oil as often as needed.

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2 thoughts on “Relieve Bug Bite Itchiness Using Virgin Coconut Oil

  1. In the season of winter people face skin dryness and itchiness on this coconut oil is the best solution. Virgin Coconut Oil also works on bug bite and is it works as mosquito repellent?

    • Victoria on

      Great question! 

      Coconut oil, by itself, will not repel mosquitos or bugs.  For that you need to use scents that insects do not like and are not attracted to.  Coconut oil does, however, make an excellent base to use when creating your own natual bug repellent.  Check out this great natural insect repellent recipe.

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