Use Virgin Coconut Oil As After Shave

Use Virgin Coconut Oil As After Shave And In Place Of Many Commercial Personal Care Products

These days lots of people are looking for all natural alternatives to chemical laden cosmetic and personal care products. One product that is used every day by men everywhere is after shave lotion. This product is notoriously filled with chemicals, alcohol, dyes and other unhealthy and even carcinogenic ingredients. What can men do to find a safe alternative to this costly and unhealthy product. The answer is virgin coconut oil. This all natural, light, nourishing soaks into the skin completely and provides the perfect alternative to commercial after shave products.

Of course, men are not the only ones who will benefit from the use of virgin coconut oil as an after shave product. Women typically shave a lot more skin than men, and it is usually more sensitive skin, especially in the underarm area. Virgin coconut oil applied after shaving smooths, soothes and moisturizes the skin. Follow up with a dash of corn starch to absorb moisture and further soothe and protect sensitive skin.

Really, virgin coconut oil is a good substitute for a large number of personal care products. It is solid at room temperature; however, it can be warmed and used as an all over body and/or massage oil. You can also smooth a small amount through your hair before washing as a conditioner or after washing as a hair dressing. It can be solidified in a bar or cube form by simply allowing it to set up at room temperature in a small ice cube tray. Rub the resulting bar between your palms to moisturize your hands. Rub the cube over your lips as a lip balm.

Virgin coconut oil is the answer for people who want to get away from potentially dangerous commercial personal care products. This affordable alternative can take the place of after shave, lip balm, body oil, hand lotion, hair dressing and conditioner and more. Why not invest in a jar today?

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