Virgin Coconut Oil: Help for Bruises

Help For Bruises is as close as Virgin Coconut Oil

The many healthy advantages and other benefits of virgin coconut oil are becoming more and more evident to consumers. It is a wonderful oil to use for cooking, helping to lower cholesterol and balance out blood sugar levels. It also contains many properties that work to help boost your immune system, and it can be used for a variety of other helpful purposes, one of them being to help your bruises heal and disappear much more quickly.

When purchasing your coconut oil, be sure that you're getting virgin coconut oil and not fractionated coconut oil. You can purchase this oil easily from most any store that sells food products, so it's not something that is difficult to find; it's also not very expensive.

People love to make popcorn with this oil, use it to moisturize their skin, and of course cooking with the oil can be a significant help to weight loss efforts. Also, it is known to not only help skin stay healthy and moisturized but also to help promote the elimination of age spots.

Rub Coconut Oil Directly on Bruises

When using coconut oil on bruises (hemotomas), know that you're not only helping them go away by appearance wise, but you're actually repairing the damaged tissue. All you have to do is apply the oil directly to the affected area. To apply, you put some oil on the bruise and then gently massage the oil into your skin starting from the middle and working your way outward.

One time I dropped a heavy piece of furniture on my shin. I fully expected it to be swollen and purple for many days. I put some organic coconut oil on it several times a day and I was amazed at how quickly it healed, with hardly any bruising or swelling.  Read more…

Coconut oil keeps for over a year, but of course with so many different uses for this all-natural oil with healing properties, you're not going to have to worry about expiration. You will be telling all your family and friends all the things they can do with coconut oil as you find out for yourself.

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