Replace Your Chapstick with Coconut Oil

Another Less Common Use Of Virgin Coconut Oil: Replace Your Chapstick

There are many people today that are trying to get away from all the chemicals in today's society.  These people are interested in finding natural cures to common everyday ailments.  One of the most versatile natural cures available may already be in your pantry.  This natural product is virgin coconut oil.

Virgin coconut oil can be used for everything from dandruff and cradle cap to diaper rash, but did you realize it could also be used in place of commercial chapstick?  If you already have virgin coconut oil in your home, then why not give it double duty as your chapstick?

If you are planning on using virgin coconut oil as your chapstick, then you will want to invest in a small container to carry it in and to use out of during the day.  At normal room temperatures or colder, coconut oil is in a solid form, but when the oil gets warmed it will turn to a liquid.  So, make sure any container you choose has a good seal on it, especially if you are going to carry the container in your pocket.

When it is time to apply the coconut oil, all you will need to do is stick your fingers into the container to apply to your fingertips.  The heat of your body will liquify the oil, so you will need to move rather quickly.  Simply rub the oil on your fingertips onto your lips and you are done.  If there is excess left on your fingers, then rub it into your skin since this is a natural moisturizer that you are using.

Virgin coconut oil is not overly greasy, and is possibly already present in your kitchen for cooking.  Why not take advantage of all of the virgin coconut oil's wonderful properties?

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